Welcome to the website of the lovers of food delicacies coming from Parma and its province (Parma Food Lovers).
Parma Food began as an idea of Loredana Ferrari and Giorgia Bussolati. We look to all those who want to be part of a community.

We’d like to share with you Parma’s fine food experiences in its territory, throughout Italy and anywhere in the world. Recipes, food photography, fun facts, events and much more. A website/blog that wants to describe Parma’s people, its territory, and its products.

Translations by Martina Zacconi.


We would like to share with you experiences of good food of Parma and province on the territory, in Italy and in the world. Recipes, food photography, curiosity, events etc. A website / blog that wants to tell the people, the territory, their products.

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